1st Period ONLY – Sep. 4 – 8

*Student can receive 5 points on Test for getting Review signed.  Test is on Thursday.

Monday: No School – Don’t forget the Order of Operations homework is due on Tuesday

Tuesday: Order of Operations

Wednesday: *Review

Thursday: TEST – *Review due today

Friday: Intro to Integers and Absolute Value – HW


Sep. 4 – 8

*Student can receive 5 points on Test for getting Review signed by a parent.  Test is on Friday.

Monday: No School – Don’t forget the Prime Factorization homework is due on Tuesday! 

Tuesday: Order of Operations – HW

Wednesday: Order of Operations – *Review passed out and half of it is due Thursday.

Thursday: *Review

Friday: TEST – *Review due today


Number Puzzle Homework Explanation for Parents

The goal of the number puzzle homework is to go through the 4 steps of problem-solving.  It is okay if your child NEVER solves this puzzle.  They will only be graded on their ability to go through the 4 steps.  The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn perseverance, and it’s okay if they don’t know how to do something as long as they try!

The 4 steps of problem-solving for this assignment are due on Monday.  Again, I want to really stress they will ONLY be graded on the 4 steps of problem-solving not on their ability to solve the puzzle.


Aug. 21 – 25

Monday: Graph Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences

Tuesday: Universal Screener

Wednesday: Universal Screener continued

Thursday: Set up Comp. book & Google Classroom – HW 1st & 2nd period only!!!

Friday: Problem-Solving Notes

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