Sep. 3 – 7

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Review Exponents, Prime Factorization, and Order of Operations using an Escape Room – HW is to complete at least half of the Problem-Solving and PEMDAS Review

Wednesday: Go over Problem-Solving and PEMDAS ReviewFinish Review

Thursday: Problem-Solving and PEMDAS TestReview due Today

Friday: Problem-Solving and PEMDAS Test Continued – Classifying Ration Numbers Notes must be completed by Monday.  They are available on google classroom and 3 sheets of paper should have been picked up in class.  

This is the link to the Classifying Rational Numbers Notes just in case. 


Number Puzzle Homework Explanation for Parents

The goal of the number puzzle homework is to go through the 4 steps of problem-solving.  It is okay if your child NEVER solves this puzzle.  They will only be graded on their ability to go through the 4 steps.  The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn perseverance, and it’s okay if they don’t know how to do something as long as they try!

The 4 steps of problem-solving for this assignment are due on Thursday.  Again, I want to really stress they will ONLY be graded on the 4 steps of problem-solving not on their ability to solve the puzzle.

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