Dec. 2 – 6

Monday: Finish Tests and work on corrections if necessary

Tuesday:Input and Output Tables – HW

Wednesday: Algebraic Rules and Equations – HW

Thursday: Coordinate Grid for Extra Credit (UIL Meet is today)

Friday: Multiple Representations – HW


Nov. 11-15

Monday: Multiplying Fractions – HW

Tuesday: Dividing Fractions – HW

Wednesday: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions with Mixed Numbers – HW due Friday  (TEST CORRECTIONS DUE TODAY)

Thursday: Multiplying Decimals – Hw if not finished in class

Friday: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Quiz


Nov. 4 – 8

Monday: Review

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Test – Review due today – Homework is the first 9 problems on the “How Do Clocks Communicate?” sheet.  It needs to be completed by Friday and we will be working on it in class on Thursday.

Thursday: Finish Test/Work on Multiplying 3 digit by 3 digit numbers

Friday:Test Corrections for half the points back. Due by Tuesday Nov. 13 (Wednesday homework due today Only 1-9)


Oct. 28 – Nov. 1

Monday: Add and Subtract Integers

Tuesday: Add and Subtract Integers

Wednesday: 1/2 day Add and Subtract Integers Quiz

Thursday: Multiplying and Dividing Integers – HW

Friday: Multiplying and Dividing Integer Murder Mystery



October 21 – 25

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Adding Integers Stations

Wednesday: Adding Integers Stations Continued

Thursday: Subtracting Integers Stations

Friday: Subtracting Integers Stations Continued


****Assignments for this week and due dates

Khan Academy Adding Integers – due Thursday

Khan Academy Subtracting integers – due Monday

Skill Builder #3 Worksheet – due Monday

Gimkit – due Oct. 31

Bugs Bunny Coordinate Grid – due Nov. 1

Word Wall – due Nov. 1



Oct. 14 – 18

Monday: Review

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Chapter 1 Test

Thursday: Catch Up day!

Friday: Word Wall Assignment Introduced – Due Nov. 1st


Oct. 7 – 11

Monday: Compare and Order Integers Review – HW if not finished in class (Study for Quiz)

Tuesday: QUIZ – HW

Wednesday: Coordinate Grids – HW

Thursday: Coordinate Grids – HW

Friday: Review – 1/2 of Review must be completed by Monday


Sep. 30 – Oct. 4

Notes from Friday must be completed before Monday!

Monday: Work on Notes

Tuesday: Classifying Rational Numbers – HW

Wednesday: Work on Test Corrections

Thursday: Integers and Absolute Value – HW

Friday: Comparing Integers and Ordering Integers – HW


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