Nov. 13 – 17

The very last day to turn in Chapter 2 Test Corrections is Tuesday.  They MUST BE SIGNED in order to be turned in.

Monday: Chapter 4 QUIZ

Tuesday: Converting Fractions and Decimals to Percents – HW

Wednesday: Benchmark Fractions, Percents, and Decimals – Review passed out and half due by tomorrow

Thursday: Rates and Intro to Percents Review

Friday: Rates and Intro to Percents Test Review Due


Nov. 6 – 10

Monday: Finish Chapter 2 Test HW is to complete notes for tomorrow

Tuesday: Chapter 2 Test Corrections – Corrections are due on Friday with the original copy of the Test.

Wednesday: Ratios – HW

Thursday: Unit Rates – HW

Friday: Equivalent Ratios and Rates – HW

Quiz on Monday


Oct. 23 – 27

Homework from Thursday, October 20 is not due until Tuesday (October 24) due to me having students notes.

Monday: Dividing Fractions – HW

Tuesday: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions – HW

Wednesday: QuizHW (Fill out Multiplying Decimals Notes for tomorrow)

Thursday: Multiplying Decimals – HW if assignment not finished in class

Friday: Dividing Decimals


Oct. 16 – 20

Monday: Simplifying Fractions and Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers with Dominoes – HW

Tuesday: Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers – HW

Wednesday: Catch Up Day – Catch-Up on all missing work, complete test corrections (if needed), complete any missing notes

Thursday: Multiplying Fractions – LAST Day of the first 9 weeks.



October 9 – 13

Monday: Multiplying & Dividing Integers – HW

Tuesday: Integer Operations

Wednesday: Integer Operations – *Review sent home today

Thursday: Chapter 3 *Review 

Friday: Chapter 3 Test – *Review due today

*Students can get their review signed for extra points on their test.


October 2 – 6

Don’t forget your Coordinate Grids Homework is due Wednesday.

Monday: Adding Integers – HW

Tuesday: Adding Integers – HW

Wednesday: Early Release Day – Adding & Subtracting Integers & Coordinate Grids Homework due today

Thursday: Adding & Subtracting Integers – HW

Friday: Adding and Subtracting Integers Quiz


Sep. 25 – 29

Monday: Work on Chapter 1 ReviewStudents can get Review signed for bonus points on their test.

Tuesday: Go over Chapter 1 ReviewStudents can get Review signed for bonus points on their test.

Wednesday: Chapter 1 TestAll of Review due Today

Thursday: Coordinate Grids Notes – HW

Friday: Coordinate Grids continued – HW

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