Problem-Solving & PEMDAS Test Corrections

If your child made below a 70 on the Problem-Solving & PEMDAS Test from last Monday (9/11), they should have received their test back as well as a corrections paper.  I sent home the original test and a corrections paper last week.  They must correct every problem they missed and write why they missed each one.  If your child has any questions, he/she can come see me in the morning before 7:30.  They must turn in both the test and the corrections by Wednesday of this week, if they have not already turned them in.


Sep. 18 – 22

Monday: Classifying Rational Numbers – HW

Tuesday: Converting Fractions & Decimals – HW

Wednesday: Converting Fractions & Decimals – HW

Thursday: Compare & Order Rational Numbers – HW

Friday: Compare & Order Rational Numbers – 1/2 of Review due by Monday


Notes to Glue in BEFORE Sep. 18th


First cut the papers so that you have 2 blue rectangles, 2 pink rectangles, and 1 yellow rectangle.

Papers you received           Papers cut out


Then, fold the blue and pink papers like shown along the x-axis or horizontal axis.

Blue papers folded           Pink papers folded

Glue the papers into your comp. book like shown.  They must be in this order!! Natural numbers at the top followed by whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers.

Pink and blue papers glued in comp book in order

Glue the yellow paper onto the left side of your comp. book like shown.

yellow paper glued in

Now, your comp. book should look like this in the end.

How your comp book should look once done


Sep. 11 – 15

Monday: Finish Test from Friday

Tuesday: Integers & Absolute Value – HW

Wednesday: Compare & Order Integers – HW

Thursday: Compare & Order Integers Cont. – HW

Friday: Chapter 1 Quiz HW is to glue in & fill out notes


1st Period ONLY – Sep. 4 – 8

*Student can receive 5 points on Test for getting Review signed.  Test is on Thursday.

Monday: No School – Don’t forget the Order of Operations homework is due on Tuesday

Tuesday: Order of Operations

Wednesday: *Review

Thursday: TEST – *Review due today

Friday: Intro to Integers and Absolute Value – HW


Sep. 4 – 8

*Student can receive 5 points on Test for getting Review signed by a parent.  Test is on Friday.

Monday: No School – Don’t forget the Prime Factorization homework is due on Tuesday! 

Tuesday: Order of Operations – HW

Wednesday: Order of Operations – *Review passed out and half of it is due Thursday.

Thursday: *Review

Friday: TEST – *Review due today


Aug. 28 – Sep. 1

Monday: Problem – Solving while playing Jenga and Close to 100

Tuesday: Problem-Solving by answering Task Card questions

Wednesday: Problem – Solving by looking at old STAAR questions

Thursday: Exponents – HW

Friday: Prime Factorization – HW


1st period ONLY Aug. 28 – Sep. 1

Monday: Finish Problem – Solving while playing Jenga, Close to 100, and answering Task Card questions

Tuesday: Problem – Solving by looking at old STAAR questions & Introduction to Exponents

Wednesday: Exponents – HW

Thursday: Prime Factorization – HW

Friday: Order of Operations – HW

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