Number Puzzle Homework Explanation for Parents

The goal of the number puzzle homework is to go through the 4 steps of problem-solving.  It is okay if your child NEVER solves this puzzle.  They will only be graded on their ability to go through the 4 steps.  The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn perseverance, and it’s okay if they don’t know how to do something as long as they try!

The 4 steps of problem-solving for this assignment are due on Monday.  Again, I want to really stress they will ONLY be graded on the 4 steps of problem-solving not on their ability to solve the puzzle.


Aug. 21 – 25

Monday: Graph Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences

Tuesday: Universal Screener

Wednesday: Universal Screener continued

Thursday: Set up Comp. book & Google Classroom – HW 1st & 2nd period only!!!

Friday: Problem-Solving Notes


Aug. 17 & 18 (First Week of School)

Thursday – Collect Supplies, set up math and homework folder, work on “All About Me” paper – HW is to finish the “All About Me” paper (only the front is due tomorrow) & Blog Subscription paper (due Next Friday)

Friday – Go over Math guidelines & rules, take home textbooks (Vol. 1 & 2) – HW Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligence papers


Welcome Back to School!

I hope you had a wonderful summer!  I will be using this blog to keep you updated on daily assignments, projects, upcoming tests, and changes that take place each week.  If you would like to receive email reminders to notify you when I update my blog, please enter your email address into the blank to the right and click ‘subscribe.’  If you subscribe you will automatically receive an email as soon as I update or post something new to the blog.

Here is to a great 2017-2018 school year!


Online Textbook

For 6th grade math classes, we have online textbooks through McGraw-Hill.  This is a great resource we utilize not only in Math but Social Studies as well.  On this website, your student will be able to access…

  • an online version of their textbook
  • watch tutorial videos for extra instruction
  • print out homework papers and extra practices
  • take short quizzes and assignments

Below you will find a link that will direct you to the website.  Once you have arrived at the website, your student will enter their user name and password and press enter.  This will be a great tool of reference and will help with keeping up with the curriculum and test preparation.  Please utilize this site as much as possible.


*Login information can be found on your students composition notebooks.  These will be placed in their notes hopefully within the first week of school.  Their username and password will be the same for both their Social Studies and Math classes.

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