In order to help our students better understand the vocabulary we are using in class, we are posting a Word Wall in our classroom made up of important vocabulary words.  To get the students involved and take ownership of what they need to know, I will be assigning  Word Wall assignments through out the year.

Students must pick one word from a list of vocabulary that I will post.

They will make a small poster (paper supplied) with the following 3 requirements:

1.) Term (Written Large)

2.) Definition (From the Textbook Glossary or the online textbook)

3.) Visual Example of the Definition

Each poster turned in will count as a daily grade and will be graded based on requirements, correctness, neatness, and creativity.  I will then pick one poster for each term out of all of my class periods to be displayed on the wall.  If your child’s poster is picked for the wall, then they will also receive a free homework pass.  The more creative the better!