Jan. 21 – 25

Monday: NO SCHOOL!!!

Tuesday: Math Properties – HW

1/2 DAY Wednesday: Math Properties (Work on Project)

Thursday: Input and Output Tables – HW

Friday: Algebraic Rules and Equations – Properties Project due today


Jan. 14 – 18

Monday: Setting up percent proportions – HW

Tuesday: Solving percent proportions – HW

Wednesday: Introduce Properties Project (due 1/25 – next Friday) – 1/2 of Review due by tomorrow

Thursday: Review

Friday: Percent Proportions Test – All of Review due today


Jan. 7 – 11

Monday: Review Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents – HW Due Friday

Tuesday: Review Solving Proportions – HW due Friday

Wednesday: Review setting up proportions when given a word problem – HW due Friday

Thursday: Work day to work on all homework

Friday: Introduction to Percent Proportions – All Homework due today


Progress Reports Sent Home

Every student was sent home with a progress report either Friday or today stating their average in math and assignments highlighted they could correct or turn in to improve their grade.  Your student should know how they can improve their grade for each assignment. This has been explained in class and they have had class time to work on it.

Please ask your child for their progress report and sign it and return to school tomorrow.


Dec. 10 – 14

Monday: Fractions to Percents and Percents to Fractions – HW is due Wednesday

Tuesday: Decimals to Percents and Percents to Decimals – HW is due Thursday

Wednesday: Decimals, Percents, and Fractions QUIZ assigned (due Friday)

Thursday: First Semester Exam Review

Friday: First Semester Exam Review

Don’t forget the Coordinate Grid is due before next Thursday!!!

Also, if you haven’t finished some of the MobyMax assignments you need to. Any Quizizz assignments can be done again for a better grade.  Make sure to click on the Quizizz assignments in google classroom.


Dec. 3 – 7

Monday: Chapter 4 Review

Tuesday: Chapter 4 Review – must show work on all problems to receive credit

Wednesday: Chapter 4 Test

Thursday: No School (UIL Meet)

Friday: Finish Test – Coordinate Grid entitled “You’re a mean one…” given out and is due before Dec. 20th


Nov. 26 – 30

Monday: Ratios and Unit Rates on MobyMax due by Friday

Tuesday: Equivalent Ratios and Rates – HW due Thursday

Wednesday: Solving Proportions – HW due Friday

Thursday: Converting Measurement Units – HW

Friday: Catch – up on work for this week


Nov. 12 – 16

Monday: Ratios and Rates Notes – Hw if not finished in class

Tuesday: Ratios Froot Loop Activity – HW

Wednesday: Ratios and Rates Tables – HW

Thursday: Graph Ratios and Rates – HW

Friday: QUIZ


Nov. 5 – Nov. 9

Monday: Multiply and Divide Integers – HW

Tuesday: Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Integers – HW

Wednesday: Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Integers – 1/2 of Review due Today

Thursday: Review

Friday: Chap. 3 Test over Integers – All of Review due Today


Oct. 29 – Nov. 2

Monday: Subtracting Integers – HW

Tuesday: Subtracting Integers – HW

Wednesday (1/2 Day): Adding and Subtracting Integers Bingo!

Thursday: QUIZ

Friday: Multiplying and Dividing Integers – HW

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