Sep. 25 – 29

Monday: Work on Chapter 1 ReviewStudents can get Review signed for bonus points on their test.

Tuesday: Go over Chapter 1 ReviewStudents can get Review signed for bonus points on their test.

Wednesday: Chapter 1 TestAll of Review due Today

Thursday: Coordinate Grids Notes – HW

Friday: Coordinate Grids continued – HW


Sep. 18 – 22

Monday: Classifying Rational Numbers – HW

Tuesday: Converting Fractions & Decimals – HW

Wednesday: Converting Fractions & Decimals – HW

Thursday: Compare & Order Rational Numbers – HW

Friday: Compare & Order Rational Numbers – 1/2 of Review due by Monday


Notes to Glue in BEFORE Sep. 18th


First cut the papers so that you have 2 blue rectangles, 2 pink rectangles, and 1 yellow rectangle.

Papers you received           Papers cut out


Then, fold the blue and pink papers like shown along the x-axis or horizontal axis.

Blue papers folded           Pink papers folded

Glue the papers into your comp. book like shown.  They must be in this order!! Natural numbers at the top followed by whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers.

Pink and blue papers glued in comp book in order

Glue the yellow paper onto the left side of your comp. book like shown.

yellow paper glued in

Now, your comp. book should look like this in the end.

How your comp book should look once done


Sep. 11 – 15

Monday: Finish Test from Friday

Tuesday: Integers & Absolute Value – HW

Wednesday: Compare & Order Integers – HW

Thursday: Compare & Order Integers Cont. – HW

Friday: Chapter 1 Quiz HW is to glue in & fill out notes

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